Garlic soup

Soup of the day (made with the stock from cocido)

Butter bean stew

Lentil stew

Spinach and chickpea stew

Butter bean stew

Asturian white beans with clams

Black bean stew from Tolosa

House salad

Roasted red pepper salad

Salad of quail marinated in vinegar

Endive and pomegranate salad

Creamed spinach

Salmorejo: a thick Gazpacho-style soup from Córdoba made with fresh tomato, bread, vinegar and olive oil

Aubergines in tempura with a salmorejo dip

Grilled asparagus

Scrambled egg with fresh garlic shoots and prawns

Squid-in-ink croquettes

Roast-ham croquettes

Meditarranean prawn croquettes

Grilled Basque sausage

Sheep cheese

Red cabbage with pine nuts and raisins

Mixed vegetables in a light tempura served in a ham-infused bouillon

Artichokes served with chopped jamón serrano

Tossed boletus mushrooms

Cauliflower in garlic and parsley

Spanish omelette with onion and peppers

Small red peppers from Navarre stuffed with ee